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Christian Testimony Blog

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I have been a Christian all of my life thanks to my parents getting me to Sunday school each week. It was there that I learned a fundamental belief that God sent His Son Jesus to die for my sins which fulfilled the Old Testament prophesies. I had always had an interest in the jewelry business including working at retail jewelry stores as I was completing my college degree.

I realized that as long as I worked for the jewelry store I would never get ahead (and the owner’s daughter wasn’t pretty enough to marry). So I took a job in the pharmaceutical industry which brought me to the Indianapolis area. I continued to dabble in the jewelry business by poking around in pawn shops. As time went on I was feeling more and more called to do this for a living but I could not see what God’s plan was for me in this. How could one further God’s kingdom by buying and selling these little rocks which nobody really needs?

After much prayer, I finally “threw my hat over the fence” and opened my business January 2, 1995. In doing so I realized that the other businesses that buy are only interested in making as much money as possible as opposed to having compassion for the circumstance that has brought the person to this decision. In many cases it is the end of a relationship, a death, or bad choices that have resulted in the need to liquidate a piece. I recognize this and try to have compassion for what brought the person to this place. I try to help people to realize that what they are selling is just stuff and is not life or death.

Without hesitation I can say that God has richly blessed this business. I love my job, I love finding the “diamond in the rough”. The look on peoples’ faces when I tell them that I am actually giving them more than they were asking for is particularly satisfying. I am truly excited and expectantly watching to see how God will continue to work in and through this business.
But where can wisdom be found? It can not be bought with finest gold nor can its price be weighed in silver. Job 28:12, 13

Brian McCall is an avid supporter of Fountains of Hope. F.O.H is committed to the installation, integration and teaching of safe water solutions and health and hygiene for the poor and most marginalized, especially during times of disaster or emergency. Read Brian’s blog posts about his journeys to various underprivileged countries and the efforts to help these people in need.


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