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Anniversary Gift Guide

Did you know each anniversary year corresponds with a unique gemstone and/or metal? Find your perfect anniversary gift using the Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide. Below is our complete year by year anniversary gift guide showing you the jewelry and gemstone traditional and modern anniversary gifts by anniversary year.

>> See below for a Anniversary chart telling you everything you need to know about specific anniversary date gift ideas!

wedding anniversary gift guide chart

Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Wedding anniversary jewelry gift ideas for him or her can be a very meaningful and thoughtful gift for someone because of the close connection people that wear it have. Cherish the time you spend together by creating a lasting memory with beautiful jewelry.

Newlyweds (1-5 years)

Year 1 – Gold jewelry
Year 2 – Garnet
Year 3 – Pearls
Year 4 – Blue topaz

Truly Devoted (6-25 years)

Year 6 – Amethyst

Year 7 – Onyx

Year 8 – Tourmaline

Year 9 – Lapis

Year 10 – Diamonds

Year 11 – Turquoise

Year 12 – Jade

Year 13 – Citrine

Year 14 – Opal

Year 15 – Ruby

Year 20 – Peridot

Year 25 – Silver jewelry

The Golden Years (26-50 years)

Year 30 – Pearl

Year 35 – Emerald

Year 40 – Ruby

Year 45 – Sapphire

Year 50 – Gold jewelry

Soulmates (51-75 years)

Year 55 – Alexandrite

Year 60 – Diamond

Year 65 – Blue sapphire

Year 70 – Platinum

Year 75 – Diamonds

Shop Anniversary Gift Ideas

Find the perfect gift for him or her at Midwest Jewelers & Estate Buyers in Zionsville, Indiana. Stop by our store to browse our full selection of jewelry for sale.

Anniversary Bands

An anniversary band is a great idea for a milestone wedding anniversary as a reaffirmation of the love and vows you promised when you first gave her the wedding ring.


An anniversary is a perfect time to get your significant other a piece of personalized jewelry. Personalized jewelry adds a meaningful touch to an already special gift. You can personalize jewelry with gemstones, birthstones, engravings and more.


Jewelry For Men

Remember, men like jewelry, too! Consider upgrading his wedding band to include diamonds. Gold chains and bracelets can add a sophisticated touch to his everyday wardrobe. Every man also needs a nice watch! Whether he prefers a classic design, a sport watch or a diamond studded watch, there’s a watch for every lifestyle.

Additional Resources for Wedding Anniversary Education:



>> For even more anniversary gift ideas and advice, as well as other jewelry tips, be sure to check out our jewelry education resource page.

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